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About us

Rajasthan Jain Sabha was established on 16th October 1953 with a view of complete development of Jain Samaj in all spheres, to abolish malpractices of Samaj to unite each and every Jain and protect interests of Jain Community.

Rajasthan Jain Sabha has its own constitution and is registered under Rajasthan Societies Act bearing Registration No. 1950/70-71 Date 12.02.1971

Main objectives of Rajasthan Sabha are:-

  • To Unite each and every person of Jain Community in the interests & welfare of Samaj
  • To bring various Jain Institutions under one Flag
  • To organize various functions for complete development of Jain Samaj through development of Social, Mental, Economical, Physical and Cultural activities.
  • To abolish malpractices of Jain Samaj
  • To protect interests and beliefs of Jain Samaj

Rajasthan Jain Sabha is regularly organizing the following to attain its objectives:-

  • Bhajan Sandhya on the eve of Mahaveer Jayanti
  • Religious debate on Mahaveer Jayanti
  • Kavi Sammelan on Mahaveer Jayanti
  • Blood Donation Camp on Mahaveer Jayanti
  • Prabhat Feri ( Morning Procession ) on Mahaveer Jayanti
  • Flag hoisting on Mahaveer Jayanti
  • Publication of Souvenir on Mahaveer Jayanti
  • Youth Festival
  • Women Festival
  • Religious Meetings on various occasions
  • Cultural programmers
  • Lectures of renowned speakers on Das Lakshan Mahaparv
  • Samuhik Kshamavani Programme
  • Mahaveer Nirvaan Mahotsav
  • Religious Training Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Adinath Jayanti Celebrations
  • Religious Classes in Summers
  • Debate Competition
  • Women house hold industry & Stitching Centre

What We Are Doing

Considering the person scenario of Jain Samaj, Rajastha Jain Sabha is trying to established unity in Samaj by participation of All Mandir Committees in its program. Jain Sabha is also serious about matrimonial problem of samaj. A website is being created for online registration & Data Compliance of bachelors. A list of all members of Rajasthan Jain Sabha is uploaded on website www.rajasthanjainsabha.com for the use of member & Samaj and agreement has been signed for relief and medical expenses of members – 26 hospitals are allowing 15-20% discount to the members of Rajasthan Jain sabha.The Jain sabha has planned to implement the flowing new projects for the welfare of Member & samaj –
  • Creation of Social Fund for scholarship, medical treatment &Aid to needy Widows
  • Construction of Yatri Niwas for passengers coming to Jaipur
  • Information Center for Teerth Kshetra of India & Abroad.
  • Projects for Environment Safety
  • Establishment of Library in Jaipur





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